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    Escale Beaute~

An instant moisture booster packed in 60 magical minutes for an inspiring beauty lift and a new level of comfort for your skin. The botanical essences will brighten your skin and your mind!
This lovely facial is easily adjusted for all skin types.
Includes arm/hand massage.
1 hr.    85.~ 

Vital Defense~

Imagine a facial that takes preventative measures against aging...lavishing the skin with antioxidants and anti-pollution ingredients~ Your stressed skin will simply melt away as you indulge yourself in this incredible facial that creates vitality and life!
A mud cleansing and double gommage are just two of the highlights to mesmerize the senses...The Vital Defense Creme, is also used in this unique facial providing the skin with vitamins A, E, C and F...along with myrtle extract, moringa peptides, and Co-Q10. Bask in the scents of sandlewood, orange, mandarin, and magnolia~ then finish off with an arm/hand  and scalp massage.
1hr.    135.~

Le Grand Classique~

This is one of the most complete and personalized deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facials that you will ever experience. This treatment is full of anti-inflammatory plant extracts that will leave your skin feeling both rebalanced and dewy. Extractions are optional, and your skin will  be a-glow from the organic micro-peel and rejuvenation masks that are included. Arm/hand massage along with scalp massage, complete this luxurious facial .
Easily adapted to any skin type.
1hr. 30min.       165.~ 

Tres' Bien~

Begin with a cleansing and citrus gommage, then slowly transition into an organic AHA micro-peel with delicate steaming and 20 minutes of LED Photo-Rejuvenation to stimulate the senses, oxygenate and lift.
Bask in a luxurious tepid misting of lovely spa aromas and 
"un-plug" as you imagine yourself drifting far away... rejuvenating mind, body and soul.
Delight in a skilled skin-painting of decadent mud, and finish with a facial massage, arm/hand
and scalp massage.
Complementary Sparkling Wine included!
1hr. 15min.     155.~   

Hydralessence Face~

This long-lasting, deeply penetrating moisture surge facial, smooths and softens the skin. Enjoy two luscious hydrating masks to revive the most dehydrated of complexions with a palette of vitaminized creams and healing massage; including arm/hand massage. Ooo la la!
1hr. 15min.     120.~ 

This is an exceptionally luxurious facial that instantly counteracts the signs of fatigue, along with  
(fine lines and wrinkles), and encourages maximum recovery for flawlessly radiant skin from within. Detoxify with a blanket of Rosemary as you are submersed in Yonka's beautiful Crème 58...
Feel revitalized and younger. (Micro-peel included.)
Your skin will feel firm and toned to the max!
1hr. 30min.     145.~


Enjoy a magnificent, radiant enhancing fruit acid treatment,  that uses organically sourced Aha-Bha from natural fruits. This facial will instantly improve skins roughness by resurfacing and restoring a healthy cell renewal cycle. Skin's surface will become noticeably smoother, chasing away wrinkles and lines without a hint of sensitivity. A freshly prepared peel-off mask will reveal a luminous complexion. If you're looking for an especially long facial massage...this is it! 
Includes arm/hand massage.
1hr. 30min.     135.~ 

Celeste Chocolat~

This luxurious facial is the utmost in pleasure and pure ecstasy for your senses! 
Find yourself undone, as you slip into a world of 
"chocolate bliss."  Experience captivating aromatherapy with nourishing ingredients that will rejuvenate your senses and soothe your mind and body. Delight in a facial massage to nurture, stimulate and balances the skin.
Resurface and restore with organic active micro-peel for face, neck, decollete, forearms and hands... followed with 60 minutes of LED Photo-rejuvenation with anti-aging "uplifting" that will firm, tone and oxygenate the skin.
Resting in moments of  serenity,
 you'll then find yourself immersed into a decadent creamy rich mask of European dark chocolate full of antioxidants The sensation is divine...the improvement is extraordinary!
In addition to a Dark Chocolate treat...
Sparkling Wine is included and always an option with any of our facials.
2hrs. 30min.    255.-

Eclat Cocoon~

Rejuvenation, hydration, and a soothing hot stone massage, are the highlights of this unique facial. Rest in a silky blend of botanicals and oils warmed to perfection, and conclude with  a fruity, aromatic mask while you slowly dissolve into a sense of well-being...
Treatment includes face and back massage, along with an arm/hand and scalp massage.
     1hr. 15min.    155.~ 

Plaisir D` Aromes~

An aromatic and radiant-enhancing facial...
Indulge in this relaxing treatment that oxygenates the skin through it's fruit aromas and Egyptian rosemary.
The emphasis is to be indulged, renergized and leave with a beautiful glow!
Arm/hand and scalp massage included.
1hr.    125.~

Is it time for something a "bit" more aggressive for your skin? Is it needing a grand resurfacing that will
brighten, give a youthful lift and unify the complexion?
Included in this amazingly effective facial is a professional glycol solution and LED Photo Rejuvenation, that will literally "turn the clock back".
The combination of the two creates stellar results!
There is no down time with this facial will leave feeling refreshed and invigorated!
"You will love the new you!"
Arm/hand and scalp massage included.
1hr. 20min's.     170.-

This facial is also available as a series.
A fabulous treatment course of 4 facials over an 8 week period is suggested.
A 20% discount is applied to payment in full!


~Yonka Natural Organic AHA exfoliation resurfacing available for 45.~
  (depending on skin sensitivity.)
20 min's.

~Yonka glycolic resurfacing is also available for a dramatic rejuvenation with no down time.
Turn the clock back... and discover a new younger you!
available for 65.~  for 20 minutes.

~Needing an extra lift?
LED Photo-Rejuvenation, (30 min's.) may be included with any facial of your choice for an additional 50.~

*Gift Certificates are available for purchase.
We currently accept Cash and most major credit cards.
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