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Vitamin E, also known as Alpha Tocopherol, has a new name these days and is a combination of several "tocopherols"...which means it's actually about 45 times stronger and more effective at repairing skin damage.
You will see it listed as "Tocotrienol."
Men... guess what? Did you know that the best thing for razor bumps is Alpha Hydroxy Acid? Yonka Skin Care created an amazing AHA that is ideal for even the most sensitive of skins. "Alpha Complex".
This fabulous product will help eliminate razor bumps and will slough off all of your dry, dead skin!
"You will love the new you!"

Are you a coffee drinker?
Time to minimize your intake or switch to green tea, perhaps? Coffee breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin, causing sag. Uhg!
Water...the amazing source that transports oxygen and nutrients through the blood. Almost EVERY biological function requires water.
Be good to yourself, be good to your skin...the largest organ of all!

Consuming about 1oz. of dark chocolate daily is a delight and so satisfying in so many ways!
Stick to the dark chocolate and find chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa and low in sugar. Believe it or not, chocolate is fabulous for fighting wrinkles~ eat it or spread it on topically...your skin will love it!
Cucumbers are back on the scene!
There's a lot of zing in those slices~ create a quiet atmosphere for about 15 minutes, the quiet time will help you rejuvenate for the evening. 
Place a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes to eliminate excess water, enabling transepidermal water loss and enhancing the skins lipid barrier.
Your eyes will love you for it!
Men usually eat a lot of protein.
Women, we need to step it up and make sure we are eating enough protein. We tend not to eat enough....AND the first place it will show up is in our drooping faces...true!!!
Back off of the coffee that creates sagging skin and breaks down collagen and elastin and eat your fair share of protein daily. Try to wean yourself on to more green teas which are actually fabulous at keeping us looking younger and include some nuts and power packed whole wheat bread...maybe even edamame! 
You can do it!
How to erase the years?
I believe 3 things are highly important to keeping the skin in a beautiful youthful condition...
High quality proteins, such as lean chicken, turkey and fish, Nutrient filled skin care products,(such as the beautifying Yonka Skin Care Line),
consistant targeted treatments involving skin manipulation and LED light treatments.

Of course fruits and vegetable are very important for our daily intake; but for creating a "road block"  and reversal for cellular degeneration,
the upper 3 points are a must.
It works!

~Elevate your spirits~
Facials not only affect the body, they also calm the mind and influence your mood.
Enjoy the power of touch...
Have you had your scalp massage today?


Skin requires attention if you want to keep it healthy,  young and beautiful.  
Just as a spring garden requires nutrients to feed it's needs, like fabulous dark soil, water, sunshine and tender loving care, so does the biggest organ of the human
Take the time to have regular facials and feed your skin products that will preserve, protect and beautify.

Beauty is not a need, but an ecstasy. It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth, but rather a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted."
                                            Kahlil Gibran


Lets hear it for Sprouts!
They are a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory antioxidants!


Don't slow down on your physical may be a bit gloomy out there; but keep your body active and running in top condition...Your skin will thank you with beautiful new cells from it's basil layer that will rise to the surface of your skin and create a fabulous glow!  

Women of color...are you dealing with a lot of flakiness with this winter weather?  You need the Alpha Complex by Yonka. The Alpha Complex contains no retinols and is formulated with only natural organic fruit acids that will remove "dry flakies" without redness and irritations; leaving no discoloration to the skin.
In fact, those of you who are trying to eliminate hyperpigmentation and achieve
an even skin tone...this is the product for you!
 It's a beautiful "silent exfoliation."
...You will love it.

Taking care of yourself should not be a "guilty" pleasure!
You should be proud of the fact that you take time out to care for yourself so that your quality of life is better and you are a better person for those around you.
Be good to yourself!

Do you know that Maple Syrup is a low glycemic sugar? Compared to regular sugar and honey ...maple sugar rates the lowest!
The glycemic index measures the effect carbohydrates have on blood sugar levels. White sugar is rated at 95, honey is 77 and maple syrup comes in at a wonderful 54.
This is pure maple syrup, not fake sugared maple've got to have the real stuff.. and, if you read your syrup bottles you ususally have a choice of Grade A or B; choose Grade "B". It has alot more vitamins and minerals from that amazing tree it was extracted from in the forest. Keeping your sugar intake really low is very beneficial for the skin and body. Sugars encourage saggy skin and weaken the body's immune system. So think twice before a sprinkle of sugar, and reach for maple syrup instead!

There is a alot of concern out there in regards to hyperpigmentation~ rightly so.
Once you have it, it tends to spread like wild fire.
LED Photo-rejuvenation along with the Yonka Alpha-Complex gives amazing results and rids your skin of those annoying dark spots. Reveal the beautiful skin that you used to's still under there...what are you waiting for?
Fabulous results are achieved every time.

The original definition of cosmetics was established in 1938. At that time, the skin was believed to be almost impermeable.
Now we know that skin will absorb approximately 20% during the day and 80% in the evening while you sleep...Therefore, it's very important to clean your face in the evening and apply your treatments and moisture, as this is the best time for absorption and gratifying results.

Research has proven time and time again that there are links between mind, body
and spirit. Evidence has shown the influences regarding touch therapy and how greatly it effects our well-being. It has effectively helped preterm infants with weight gain, enhanced attentiveness, alleviated depression symptoms, reduced pain, reduced stress hormones, and improved immune functions.

Come see us......."You will love the new you!"


Do we need to take good care of our bodies to maintain fabulous skin? Yes.
The old saying..."You are what you eat,"  still stands.


Are you experiencing really dry skin and can't quite put your finger on it as to why? It may be as simple as you using a cleanser that is far too drying for your skin.
Are you exfoliating 4-5 days a week? Too much. Once or twice is plenty for those who lean twords the drier end of the scale. You may need to switch to a milky cleanser and slow down on your exfoliation and glycolic and/or AHA treatments....or, you may NEED an AHA treatment!
Are you using a moisturizer that is giving your skin the right nutrients and oils that preserve your skin and prevent it from aging?

Need a free consultaion?
"You will love the new you!"


Get away from the thought of surgery when it comes to lack of firmness and sagging skin. To add radiance, lifting, and firmness, endulge in our non- aggresive LED Photo-rejuvenation. You will see results immediately upon your first treatment. These non-lazer treatments are pain free and the results continue to be fabulous. Stay away from toxic injections and let your own collagen work for you!


Tropical pink grapefruit, including the bark, peel and pulp, is full of antioxidant vitamins, replenishing nutrients and clarifying citrus that will give that dull, tired complexion of yours a great "wake-up perk!" 
Add that to lemon, orange and sweet lime juice; along with organic essential oils in a whipped creamy moisturizer...and you have created Yonka's
Creme Pamplemousse~ fabulous!
*We have it available for oily or dry/sensitive skins.
What an amaaaaazing scent!

Did you know that if you relax your facial muscles first, the rest of your body will start to relax?

Warm bed...steaming towels...delightful sounds of water...facial massage...hmmmm...
Q. Is it true that Retinol's and harsh exfoliants can make the skin more sensitive as you age?
A. When used on a regular basis, yes.
Q. Is there anything I can do to exfoliate that won't cause that?
A. Yes. The Yonka Skin Care line has natural organic AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), that are wonderful for exfoliation and they literally dissolve dead skin; without the harshness of redness and pealing. They travel deep into the skin, stimulating collagen and lifting hyperpigmentation, to reveal  a beautiful youthful glow.
Adding LED photo-rejuvenation
is another way to stimulate collagen, oxygenate the skin and add firmness and tone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Rosacea is often described as a "chronic" condition. This may be the case; although one does not have to put up with irritations such as redness, pustules,
broken capillaries ect. 
You probably have a beautiful complexion if it were not for the frustrations of rosacea. Unfortunately the majority of the time, rosacea is treated from the inside out with costly medications, causing various unpleasant side effects, such as liver toxicity, lesions, seizures, kidney issues, etc. 
 In the last 11yrs. of working with my rosacea clients, 95% of them stopped taking their internal medications. They all experienced immediate results and calming of their skin, as we addressed each of their rosacea needs topically.
I urge you to call and find out how easy it is to heal your rosacea skin.'s time for you to look in your mirror and see a beautiful you!

The benefits of "herbal teas" are endless!
They impove digestion, they can ease you into sleep, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and more!
Seemingly provincial and old-fashioned, herbal teas are treasures of sophistication and refinement...
have a cup or two today, your skin will thank you.

Improving digestion: rosemary, thyme, peppermint, and basil, used as an infusion, taken separately or in combination after a meal, are of great help.

Easing sleep: drinking a cup of lime, chamomile, or hawthorn tea has proven very effective at bedtime.

Improving blood circulation: 2 to 3 cups per day of a decoction of red vine (leaves), horsetail, hazelnut (leaves), horse chestnut (bark), or cypress cones can help to relieve heavy legs.

Eliminating toxins: try an infusion of rosemary and dandelion with meadowsweet; drink four cups per day.

...Please seek the advice of an herbalist, or naturopathic doctor to choose your plants wisely and prepare them properly in the right amounts.

Transitioning into a new season can s l o w you down...Keep up on your exercises and start something new to inspire yourself! Your skin will glow, and it will bring beautiful new plump cells to the surface of your
skin~ gorgeous! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Don't be fooled by these gloomy days~ there are still a plethora of UV's out there, usually more than when the sun is peeking out!
Keep up on the use of your daily sunscreen. Nothing lower than a spf15...and remember that if you're only counting on your spf15're not getting the protection you need. Make-up blended into spf's cut your protection down to about spf8...not good.
So, make sure you're applying sunscreen below your makeup on a regular basis and preserve that youthful skin. The extra in your make-up is just an added bonus!
The vibrant and beautiful colors of various fruits and vegetables are natures way of telling you to load up and get your antioxidants!
Make a smoothie to kick off your morning...
Eat at least 3 servings of fruit a day and you'll be delighted at what it will do for your skin.
...oh yea, beautiful that me ?!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Did you know ...
that Botox is purified toxins that are taken from the bacteria that causes botulism?
It is against the law for anyone other than doctors, nurses or other licensed professionals to administer this potentially dangerous toxin.

...I don't know about you, but I filter my water!
Why inject myself with toxins?
If you would like a natural, healthy way of firming and toning your skin, visit our "Special Services" area and discover LED Photo-Rejuvenation. Let your own collagen work for you and enjoy a more youthful you!



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